Quick Squatting Tips: How to Reduce Lower Back Pain & Eliminate Difficulties During Squats


Jose Castillo is a certified personal trainer at ONYX Health Club 24/7 in Northfield.  One of Jose’s clients, Chuck, was having difficulty with sinking his hips back and going parallel due to tight hamstrings.  If you’re suffering through pain while squatting or if your lower back hurts after you’ve finished squatting, then this article is perfect for you.

Common Squatting Questions

  • Why am I having difficulties or pain performing squats?
  • Is my squat form is incorrect?
  • How come my lower back hurts after squatting?

In the video Jose helps Chuck complete a modified squat with a press on the bench.  This allows Chuck the ability to focus on keeping his trunk upright, shoulders relaxed (if the press was not involved) and keeps his spine in a neutral position.

The key element that Jose has Chuck focusing on is making sure that his feet are shoulder width apart, toes pointed slightly outwards while ensuring that his body is slowly being lowered down as he initiates the squat at the him.  Most importantly, making sure his knees are never out past his toes.

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Squatting Video


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